Survivor Heroes VS Villains!


Survivors 20th season starts tonight and the show has a new twist. I've watched every season and I am totally hooked on the show. This time around they are doing Heroes versus Villains.


It will be interesting to see how all of this will pan out. I will be rooting for Russell Hantz from last season. It's not that I like the guy but he is damn determined. I wanted him off the show the first episode but he lingered on like a cockroach in a nuclear fallout. Amazing. After a while the cast figured out Hantz was the most hated and kept him there for the final two spot. They knew the tribal council would never vote him the winner. Mostly because he is a snake but also because the dude is already loaded.

If you are into Survivor like I am, check back on Fridays, I'll try to post a recap along with my take on the show.