Rachael Ray's Pitbull Attacks!

I don't find this sad at all. Rachael Ray's pitbull dog Isaboo might have to be euthanized for attacking other dogs. The dog has tried to attack other dogs 5 times (so far) while being walked on his leash. He's lunged at the other dogs and even bit the ear of another poor pooch. Scary!

I'm sorry but an agressive dog no matter what the breed is a danger to other animals and people! I come from a place of understanding because I've had a pitbull for the last 11 years. I rescued him from a dog fighting ring when he was only 4 months old. He doesn't have the killer instinct but some pitbulls do. Usually you can "raise" them properly but in some pitbulls the aggression is simply ingrained.

Rachael Ray needs to do the responsible thing and quarantine that dog or do the alternative.