Hoarders on A&E

Have you watched the show Hoarders on A&E? I think almost everyone has seen at least one episode or even a commercial for the show. I have to tell you, it is fascinating. How people can exist in that type of environment is amazing and to think they create that chaos themselves is insane. Actually it is kind of crazy because people that hoard have a mental condition (typically OCD obsessive compulsive disorder) that makes them hold onto items that are useless and even hazardous to their health. I've watched episodes where they find dead cats, mice and tons of mold growing everywhere. The sheer neglect can cause structural damage to a house. It's pretty nasty. They say the stench of the filth and hoarding is incredible but the people who live in it don't seem to be bothered by it. Really? You have a dead rotting cat in a corner and you can't smell that? Imagine!

So, I have another hobby I've been working on in addition to doing the celebrity thing here, and making the wire wrapped pendants that I've been creating for several years now, I've gotten into building dollhouses. I was working on a dollhouse one afternoon while watching an episode of Hoarders and I came up with a fabulous idea. I decided to build a hoarded dollhouse. It came out kinda good and I thought you might want to take a look at it. I even have a dead cat (with a fully loaded litterbox) made out of real bones and cat hair. Oh, yeah and a dead husband but you'll have to read Maybelline's story to make any sense of it all.

You can see my Hoarder Dollhouse "Pretty On The Outside" RIGHT HERE!

Oh, and by the way it's for sale. Check it out.