Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Junkie...

I've noticed on the show LA Ink that Kat Von D looks nothing like her brother and sister. No resemblance what so ever, so I took to the web and found this old picture of Kat (and her sister) before she jacked up her face with plastic surgery. I thinks she looks better before all that work and trust me it was way more than a nose job which she didn't really need. She looks like a freak. And what the hell is up with that red wig she is wearing on the show this season? Who in the hell told her that was attractive? It looks like a cheap Halloween wig made out of cotton candy left over from last years county fair.
I used to like Kat Von D but now I watch the show to rip on her. She has turned into a mega bitch and I always noticed that she is not very bright. It's like she's talks in slow motion. Another thing I've noticed is that she jerks people around, never wanting to confront the issues. For example Corey bouncing on her and leaving the shop. I'm not sure if I'd let him back in either but I'd have it out with him. I suppose they may drag it out for the show and who knows how much of that reality crap is real.
So, Kat is dating Jesse James. I say that is a match made in Heaven and they are simply perfect for one other. They can rub their tattoos all over each other until they become one big ink blot that maybe we can eradicate with a laser and a blow torch.