Did Mel Gibson Chris Brown Oksana?

Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson's girlfriend and baby momma has come out with shocking (yeah, right) accusations that Mel Gibson has whipped her ass. Oksana says that Mel punched her twice in the face last January, knocked her teeth out and gave her a concussion.
Personally I don't find this hard to believe, Mel has proven himself to be a nasty drunk and you can tell the dude has a mean streak a mile wide.
Gibson's lawyers are denying the claims (of course) which makes sense because why wait 6 months to mention that some dude busted your face? Hopefully she documented that happy occasion with photographs and a police report (doubtfully) if not, it will be her word against Gibsons.

Oksana recently filed for a restraining order prohibiting Mel from getting near her or their daughter, 8-month-old daughter Lucia. Of course a nasty custody battle is brewing. Like Mel needs any more kids, he already has 7 other children. He should hook up with Kate Gosselin, she could use a good smack down.