Mindy McCready Suicide Attempt?

So, Mindy McCready landed in the hospital this week after an alleged suicide attempt. According to Mindy's mother, she took four Darvocet. Overdose? Okay... 4 Darvocet are equivalent to about 17 Tic Tacs. I doubt a few Darvocet could wreck her like that, especially considering that Mindy has a long record of drug and alcohol abuse. In fact Mindy was on last seasons Celebrity Rehab.
Mindy talked a lot about her toxic relationship with her mother, it can't be a good thing that she is back to living with her. I guess she had no where else to go as Kari Ann Peniche (also on Celebrity Rehab last season) kicked her out of her house. The two struck up a friendship in rehab and when it ended Kari Ann let her move in. Once Kari Ann got to the Sober House she was freaking out about Mindy being alone in her house and she was worried Mindy would get her hands on a "private" video. Which she apparently did and sold it. Remember that video of Kari, Rebecca Gayheart and her husband Eric Dane? Of course payback was a bitch and Kari reportedly released a sex video Mindy had made.
Craziness. Only in Hollywood.
I hear Dr. Drew is having a difficult time finding "celebrities" for next season. So far he has Tila Tequila and possibly Hills star Jason Wahler. I say Mindy could use another go at rehab, even better toss Kari Ann in there too.