Kendra Wilkinson Sex Video Looks Hot

The still photos of Kendra Wilkinson's sex video are popping up all over the interweb. I haven't watched the video yet as soon as it surfaces for free I will, I'm cheap like that.

I sort of believe that Kendra is upset that the video came out now. I also believe that she filmed it with every intention of releasing it. She was shopping it around not too long ago. I don't think she was counting on meeting such a good guy as Hank Baskett and having a baby. Also, she's made a million off it so far so that's not a bad thing.

What I can't figure out is the dude she made the tape with. He's kinda NOT hot and not very well endowed. My guess is that he was pretty thrilled to be getting it on with a hottie like Kendra. She looks good in the photos even with her little pre-surgery boobs. They were cute back then and actually look better than the huge knockers she has now.

The photos are pretty graphic, so much so that even I am not going to post them (imagine that) but you can go see them (just click on the for the full uncensored view) here at Egotastic