Survivor Heroes vs Villains *Spoilers*

The first Survivor Heroes vs Villains episode was long, but awesome. It had it's memorable moments.

The tough girls from the Villain's team dislocated Hero Stephanie's shoulder. I swear this girl has the worse luck every time she plays Survivor! The medic popped her shoulder back in place. Yuck and ouch.

Hero star Rupert broke his little toe and the best part was Sugar. While competing in a struggle for a bag needed to cross the finish line Sugar managed to lose her top. Actually it was ripped off by one of the girls. Not only did she grab the bag, she made it to her mat and won the point for the team. The greatest moment? When a topless Sugar crosses the finish line, turns and flips both birds at the other players.

Despite Sugar taking one for the team they voted her out. Bummer. She was annoying but likable.